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By Jessica Mandanda

Image by Free Vector

I am told he will live and my heart cringes

Perhaps I use poison next time

But I fear it will not hurt as I need him to hurt

They asked me why I would want to hurt such a good man.

He takes of me they said, pays for the roof over my head, clothes my body and feeds me

Outstanding member of society? I wondered when that statement changed meaning

This man, who had spent a majority of our marriage covering my body in purple bruises

This man who left me unconscious for hours, claiming…

I had a conversation with my Uncle over the weekend about the state of women in the country, and whether or not there is hope for change, and who we look up to for this change. He expressed his disappointment in our Government for the often misguided efforts that yield absolutely nothing for women and girls in Malawi.

His stance resonated with mine, my position being that we do not need to look to the Government for help in combatting violence against women and girls, as we stand today, the Government feels like another barrier we have to get past…

The fourth wave of feminism is upon us and I realize we finding ourselves in a dangerous space as we further explore whether or not men can be feminists

I, do no think men can be feminists. Which is the point where myself and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie alongside many other feminists I am in awe of disagree but we cannot truly possibly ever agree on everything right?

My reasoning dwell on varied things besides the fact that men are problematic.

When Nobel peace prize winner Leymah Gbowee and the women in the documentary about the ultra-powerful activism by the Women…

I sit and wonder sometimes, maybe almost always, what exactly the meaning of normal is. I have been told many times that I need to act normal, or behave like a normal girl, write like a normal girl, dress normal, speak normal, hell even eat normal.

Because apparently, wearing hoodies and skirts, not crossing my legs while I go ham on stacked pizza slices with a beer talking about the logistics that probably went into the making of the latest Marvel movie are IS NOT NORMAL.

So I ask, what is normal exactly, cause that is what is normal to…


Being single used to mean nobody wanted you, now it means you’re pretty, sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you to spend it with.

I believe there are three types of women

1. Those who don’t want to be alone

Being single and alone translates to being sad and unwanted to this woman. The thought of having a man in their life fulfills them. Sadly, they are the ones who usually get heart broken



Someone called me fat, I did not think much of it, so I let it go. A few weeks after that, someone else called me fat, and I thought, “It’s just a comment”

A little while after that, someone else said I was fat. …


Radical Feminist Writer

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